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I am an educated person. I double-majored in college. My main major was Spanish. My second major was International Studies with a concentration in international development and humanitarian aid. I have a bachelor of arts degree. I still love school. I would still be going to college (probably for life) if I didn’t have to pay for it. I still love learning new things.

Every now and then I get really into researching different things. I know it is not the most reliable, “scholarly” source, but I just love Wikipedia. Yesterday, I learned something new, and I found it so interesting, I wanted to share it with someone, but I don’t really have an outlet for that, so I thought, why not use my blog?

First I googled “language trivia” and came across this website. It has some interesting trivia on it, but the one that really caught my attention was “The native tribe of Tierra del Fuego has a language
so guttural it cannot have an alphabet.” No alphabet?? I know some languages were not written until Christian missionaries came over like Quechua, but even they couldn’t come up with one??

Next, I looked up Tierra del Fuego on Wikipedia to find out the name of this native tribe. Well, there was two: Selk’nam and Yaghan. I looked up both of those, and I still don’t know which one has the language with no alphabet, but I learned something else I found even more interesting while reading about the Yaghans.

Even though the climate of Tierra del Fuego is very harsh, the Yaghans did not wear clothes until the Europeans arrived! Wikipedia lists four reasons they were able to survive with no clothes:

1) They kept warm by huddling around small fires when they could, including in their boats to stay warm.

2) They made use of rock formations to shelter themselves from the elements.

3) They covered themselves in animal grease.

4) Over time they had evolved significantly higher metabolisms than average humans, allowing them to generate more internal body heat.

5) Their natural resting position was a deep squatting position, which reduced their surface area and so helped to conserve heat.

I find this so amazing! Can you even imagine? I think the winter gets cold enough in Texas! lol I realize that’s ridiculous. I’m just not a cold weather girl.

Anyways, what are your thoughts?


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  1. I love this post. Probably because I am fascinated by how people survived, with all of our great technology and medicine we still struggle, they had nothing. I am guessing the Selknam were the aboriginal people from that area that had the language that had no alphabet. I base this on the fact that their tribe was driven into extinction. With the last known Selknam descendant dying in 1974. With no written language of the Selknam their language is official “dead”. They were driven to extinction with the usual issues that plagued that natives of each country were subjected to, ( disease and such) but for extra measure the Selknam were actually hunted with bounty on their heads as game into extinction. Simply put genocide.

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